MAVS. Charity Classic Dallas Tx & TEAM USA Qualifier
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MAVS Charity Classic GA Prejudging Only Ticket

This ticket is for the morning only prejudging show. Doors open at 8 am and show begins at 9 am. Ticket prices at the door will be $25

$ 20.00 
M.A.V.S Charity Classic GA Evening Only Ticket

This is for the evening awards show. The doors open at 3 am and the show begins at 4 am. Ticket price at the door will be $30

$ 25.00 
M.A.V.S Charity Classic GA All Day Ticket

Pre Judge and Finals Ticket August 4th 9am-6pm

Ticket price at the door will be $50

$ 40.00 
MAVS Charity Classic VIP All Day Ticket

Includes VIP front two row setting for both prejudging and finals awards show. Ticket price at the door will be $60

$ 50.00 
Trainers Pass

Includes access to pre-judging & finals & backstage access.

$ 75.00 
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