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Primary Contact:
Jasmin Longtin
Rules & Sanctions
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Texas Shredder - Transformation Division
Texas Shredder - Transformation Division
Sat, April 25, 2020



Transformation Division

Texas Shredder Classic Transformation Division

The Transformation Division at the Texas Shredder wants to highlight people who have embarked on a physical transformation journey within the last year and want to celebrate those who transformed towards a healthier lifestyle through either: weight loss, fat loss and/or muscle gain. You do not need a huge transformation to be eligible to participate, just a noticeable one! We are excited to have participants showcase their hard work with a chance to win over $1,500 in prizes!

More Division details

  • Male and female participants must be at least 16 years of age
  • Any participants under the age of 18 must have their parents register for them
  • Transformation journey can be as early as January 1st, 2019 
  • Weight loss/muscle gain can be anywhere from 10 lbs to +100 lbs! 
  • Contestants will present themselves on stage at The Texas Shredder Event in between the IFBB elite body building event!


Men: 1 class

Women: 1 class


50% Before and After photos (prior to show day)

50% Presentation on Stage

Before and After Photos 

Athletes can compete with a transformation starting as early as Jan 1, 2019. A before photo needs to be sent to upon successful registration. Your email subject should say: 

“Texas Shredder Transformation” First + Last Name + Before OR After Photo 

Ex: Texas Shredder Transformation: Jasmin Longtin: Before Photo

Photo Requirements: 

  • Photo should be either a front OR side view of your physique. The After photo needs to be the same. 
  • Photos are encouraged to be in the same lighting & full body or near full body should be seen in the photos. 
  • Photos should also show your physique in it’s true form so please try to refrain from angling your physique in your before AND after photos.
  • Please make sure both photos are nice and clear and the file is big enough to see on a large screen  
  • Before and after photos do NOT NEED to be in a bathing suit or swim trunks although it is highly recommended and can affect your scoring!

If photos do not meet the criteria mentioned above you are NOT disqualified but it might negatively affect your chances in scoring well as judges will be comparing before and after photos

Show Day Presentation

On stage contestants will present themselves in either:


  • 1 or 2 piece bathing suit
  • Sports bra/ spandex shorts
  • Top/ Spandex shorts
  • High Heels


  • Bored shorts 
  • Gym Shorts 
  • Barefoot 

Recommendations on how to present yourself on Show Day:

A tan by the tanning company  

Make-up and hair done for women

Bathing suits can be customized to compliment your physique by IYO Designs.

  • Their website: 

Round Format:

Each contestant will be called out to the stage from the side

They will walk to the rear center of the stage and strike a pose

They will then walk three steps forward and hit a quick front pose, back pose and one more front pose! (no more than 15 seconds in total)

They will then be expedited off the stage and all participants in that class will be called back to the stage where they will be compared on their STAGE PRESENTATION and then the top three winners will be announced


Registration Fees

$40 Early registration: Dec 15th-Jan 31st

$50 Registration: Feb 1st-March 31st

$60 Late Registration: April 1st-April 24th

After Photo DEADLINE: April 20th, 2020

After photos need to be sent no later than April 20th, 2020 to the same email address given above ( If given at a later date even if you are already registered you can still participate in the show but will NOT be up in the running to win first place.

Late Registration DEADLINE: April 24th, 2020 

You can still register to participate in the show up until the day before show day BUT you are not eligible to win first place as the before and after photos have already been judged. If registered the day before both the before and after photos need to be sent to the email address mentioned as soon as you register ( 

Contestant Check Ins, Contestant Meeting and Event Time

Contestant Check In:

Contestants will check in the evening before the show at the Host Hotel (or late check in morning of show day)

Please bring photo ID and receipt of registration 

*Friday Night* 6 pm-8 pm @ Host Hotel

Saturday Morning: 7 am-9 am @ Venue

Venue Location:

Rodney and Mary Klett Performing Art Center

2211 North Austin Ave

Georgetown, TX 78626

Contestant Meeting

All Contestants participating in the Transformation Division will need to attend the mandatory meeting 9 am @ Venue. We will go over important details and the itinerary of the show to make sure everyone is well prepared!

Event Time

Doors open at 9:30 to The Public

The Texas Shredder Body Building Event will start at 10 AM

Transformation Division is estimated to go on around 2 PM

The Transformation Division will be going after Pre-Judging of the Body Bodybuilding Competition and there is no guarantee time as to when pre-judging will end and the Transformation Class starts

All contestants need to be present at the Venue by 12 PM to ensure all contestants are present when transformation division starts

Registration: Closed
Event Date
Registration Closes
April 24, 2020 @ 9:00 pm
Rodney and Mary Klett Performing Art Center
2211 North Austin Ave Georgetown, TX 78626
Georgetown , TX  USA
This event will be taking place in the auditorium of the local high school
Selection Options
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0/1 LEFT $ 60.00 
Must be at least 16 years old on Apr 25, 2020.
1/1 LEFT $ 60.00 
Must be at least 16 years old on Apr 25, 2020.
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